Tuesday, October 09, 2007


lick my blog indeed

this has been the lamest blog of all time.
resolutions...say what?
so much for that thought.
well.... since the last post so much has happened. so much bloggable goodness that is.
well now that i remembered my login, I am back on and resolved to post more.
for all those wondering if thom and i would ever post pictures of our trip around the world...its coming!
a new segment on my educational adventures...its coming!
family updates...oh, its on!
while you have no reason to believe me, i will make my best ever attempt to keep it real. real fun.
this blogging is all new to me.
i never even kept a diary as a kid.
writing and posting for the world to read is beyond comprehension still.
Dear Diary,
....well it never happened
Dear Swampyback,
battle blog is alive and well. watch your hairy back.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


and then all the sudden

rushing about
checking schedules
consulting calendars, time tables, pacing guides
and on and on
... and then all the sudden something stops you right in your tracks.
from the minute it hits you, to moment you wake up and you remember, to the thoughts that creep in during the now haze of a day
sad news
cletus has left us
the joy
the excitement of possibility
and the love has not
to my nerds up north, i love you

Monday, April 30, 2007


...this will be a timed test

the cafeteria lady informed me the other day that there are 34 more school days. awesome!

and today marks 61 days until thom and i leave for our around the world adventure. more awesome!
that makes 75 days until i celebrate becoming a geezer at giza.

this year (school year) has flown by. it is hard to believe that it is the first of may tomorrow. this time last year, i was really ready to lose it. heck- by thanksgiving of last year i was ready to lose it.

at this time last month i was pretending like i might make a post on this blog. actually i've been pretending like i might do that for the last three months.

one nephew is already hitting his 7 1/2 month of life mark.
cletus the fetus is coming along nicely and should arrive sometime in november.
our little friend in new england is walking about. as is our little friend in freddericksburg.

the sun is rising early and staying out later.

time flies when you are having fun, right?

i remember when i was a kid, there were days where time seemed to be standing still. summer vacation felt like a year long. a two week restriction with no phone felt like two years.

its true that as you get older time seems to move faster. i certainly have to pay attention to calendars more. it seems like i am always looking forward to the next month, to the next appointment, the next benchmark....

i know its late to post a resolution but... (there i go again "it's late") i am going to try to be more aware of the present. i still need to be more aware of what i say in the present as it has lasting affect- but that's a different resolution.

Monday, January 29, 2007


no excuse

there is no excuse for my total laze.
better late then never, eh?
the last month and a half since my last post has been chalked full of excitement.
we rang in the new year with our dearest and enjoyed a delicious potluck extravaganza. chef boi LD even got into the mix.

most notably, we have seen a few of thom's buldings finished.
on the 15th, the american cancer society's regional volunteer center was dedeicated. the strides made in the fight against cancer in the last ten years are mind blowing. i have no doubt that the work that will be done in this new space towards forwarding these efforts will be no less mind blowing.

on the day after the acs dedication, we saw the long awaited move into the residence that thom has ben working on.
what i wouldn't do to take a shower in one of their 4. i tried to get in a quick one during the final walk through but no luck. again no luck on my squatter's rights ploy. oh well. i am bringing towels to the housewarming.

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Just shy

It is just shy of a year since we put down our hammers, demo tools, and protective eye gear- construction has begun again in the kitchen. Last November we knocked out the ceiling in the study and kitchen and combined the two rooms to make one giant freezer. We stopped construction mid-December to get ready for a graduation/way to go/ Christmas/ New Year's party. This month thom decided to put down the bottle and pick up the hammer again. We now have an insulated room. It was most exciting this weekend to see the first of the drywall go up. Thanks to Mike's lifting and head hold abilities, thom's masterful measuring, and my sheer strength- 1/2 of the drywall is up.

Pinot helped too.


Oh Christmas tree

Add Imagefunhaus and I put up our Christmas tree this week. I love taking out the ornaments and remembering where they can from and when they came into my life. Here are a few of our favorites.

Grams used to paint an ornament for each us girls. This one is from 1977- the best year, the year of my birth!

Here is thom's favorite. He loves it. I think his affection for this particular ornament is somewhat disturbing. My mom gave me this one. She also gives each of us (my sisters and I) an ornament each year.

This is one of my favorites. Sleepy-like, sugar plums, and such.

This one thom brought from his family. I think it came from the Christmas they dropped him off in Berlin.

Monday, December 04, 2006


Ooops he did it again!

Swampback flashes his coochie- again!
When one puts thier butt on another person's vehicle, well....BATTLEBLOG is back on.

Saturday, November 25, 2006



oh brother the battle is on!


say what?

Last month, I was out of school for a few days at a confernce. When I got back the assisstant in my classroom gave me the scoop. She informed me that three of my students had been sent to the office for drawing dirty pictures. I went to the office to find out more from the principal. I asked him what happpened while I was gone and I mentioned the dirty pictures. He gave me a funny look and then showed me the reported filth. The description I got was very elaborate. The picture he gave me was well... you decide.

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